If you cannot log in to the game, please, change realmlist.wtf to "set realmlist login.moonwell.su", or download ready file at https://moonwell.su/play
Moonwell x100
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Sunwell easy mode

We want to remind, that despite the high rates and simplified item gain on Moonwell x100, high-level PvE equipment farming should be limited (slowed down) to maintain balance in PvP. Previously, as restrictions, bosses that drop items ilvl 151 and higher did not have reductions (hp/damage), thus only raiding guilds could get the best gear in game. A good option, but to raise player interest and server activity, we have come up with a compromise - normal mode Sunwell, Archimonde and Illidan with reductions, reduced drop and heroic versions T6 raids with blizzlike loot and 100% creature damage/HP.
Raid Normal Heroic
Sunwell Plateau reductions are active, drop from trash is reduced by 5 times (up to x1 rates), bosses drops 1 random item. no reductions, blizzlike loot
Black Temple reductions are active, Illidan drops 1 random item. no reductions, blizzlike loot
Hyjal Summit reductions are active, Archimonde drops 1 random item. no reductions, blizzlike loot

Best PvE items can now be obtained in LFG raids, but this will take much longer than completing heroic modes. 

Where to know what reductions are active?

Where to know what drops from normal Sunwell?

CD for normal and heroics are different?
  • Yes

What is CD reset rate for T6?
  • 7 days for heroics T6, 3 days for normal T6.

Drop rate from trash is only reduced in normal Sunwell?
  • Yes (rate х1 instead of х5)

Why are there so many tokens in boss drop in normals?
  • Token will drop with ~30% chance instead of normal item for each boss. This is intended to slow down top gear farming. If you want blizzlike loot - welcome to heroic mode.