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Rules update

To create a more friendly atmosphere on our server, new communication rules will be introduced on January 8.

Rule 1.1 changed: "Insulting players in chat." Insulting players in global chat channels (English and Russian) is considered as violation immediately, but for insulting in common chat and in whispers, a complaint will still be required.

Added new rule 1.2: "Using obscene words in global chats." The rule means that it is now prohibited to use any obscene words, including veiled, when communicating in global channels.

Same rules also apply in our Discord server. In particular, for a more efficient determination of the facts of ninja looting, the following changes will be made on January 8:

Changed clarification for rule 3.11: Each raid has default loot distribution rules: "you can roll everything except items that cannot be used or are not suitable for current spec.". To establish other rules for the distribution of loot (for example, warglaives unroll), the raid leader must make sure that all raid participants are notified of the new rules (just write them in the raid chat when raid begins), or they may be considered invalid. To make a complaint about ninja-looting, the player must provide screenshots which confirms that rules were violated. This game moment has many nuances, so each situation is assessed by the Game Master individually. Illegally obtained items are removed without redistribution.

We repeat that the new rules will take effect on January 8th.