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Big update

A big update has been installed on the server!

There's a most important changes:
  • You can now buy 1 random chest from Gritena for 5 Moon Coins. You will get an Antique, Legendary, Epic or Ghost Chest with an equal chance.
  • Gritena is now selling 1 Moon Coin for 40 BOJ.
  • A new NPC - Elliel has been added near the mailbox in Shattrath. With it, you can transfer the Corrupted Badge of Justice and Epic Key to your twink characters. Your current account email and twink account email must be the same. You can change email in your control panel on our website.
  • The number of BOJ dropped in heroic raids has been increased by 3 times and 5 times in Sunwell.
  • While Blessing of Sanctuary is active on a paladin, paladin gains 2% mana of total mana upon blocks. Works only in dungeons and raids. Tank paladins are now more useful in PvE.

Read full update notes here.