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Moonwell x5 FAQ

Moonwell x5 will launch in few days! We want to answer the most frequently asked questions about the new realm.

When Moonwell x5 will launch?
December 23, 2022 at 18:00 (GMT+1).
Will multiboxing be allowed?
No. We do not allow multi-boxing or similar addons that allow to perform actions simultaneously with multiple characters. Playing in 2 windows is not considered multiboxing.
What bonuses will I get if I invite a friend?
Do you want to start playing with your friends? Great opportunity to get a bunch of bonuses! Read more here.
How do I enable x1 experience rates?
Type .xp hardcore in chat. You can go to the test server and test the team before opening.
Where can I see where certain items drops?
In Moonwell x5 database.
How do I change my character's race, faction, appearance or nickname?
Special tokens will be available for purchase in the donate shop.
When will Karazhan, Gruul's Lair and Magteridon's Lair be available?
January 8th 2023.
When will the ranked arena be available?
January 8th 2023.
Where do I find out exactly what date Phase 2 will be introduced?
We'll make an announcement closer to the month designated in the timeline.
Will the Horde and Alliance auction be shared?
Can I reserve a nickname?
There is no manual nickname reservation option, but for our regular Moonwell x100 players who have characters with more than 7 days playing time, we will automatically reserve nicknames. On their accounts immediately after the server opening will appear level 1 characters with the same nicknames, which you will need to remove and recreate with the right parameters. All characters with reserved nicknames will be deleted after 3 days.
What kind of donation will be on the server?
There will be gold (the price will be regulated to avoid inflation), premium and various services (nickname, gender, race change, riding scrolls etc.). In a while there will be added boosts (experience/reputation) and a Fast Start service. We are aware of how hard it is to acquire equipment on a lowrate server and in order to avoid devaluing the work of our players, we decided never to add valuable equipment to the donat store, including the currency for which it is bought (badges, honors, arena points). Items obtained in raids can only be obtained there and nowhere else.
What will it cost to buy a character or gold on a third-party service?
It's categorically forbidden to selling or buying characters, as well as it's forbidden to buy gold and other ingame values for real money anywhere except for our donate shop. The penalty for this violation is a permanent ban. Special server algorithms help us to automatically find violators. Goldseller promises that you will not be detected when buying gold from him through auction? Don't take any chances with your account - just use our legal shop and stay safe.
Will there be any New Year holidays bonuses?
Only a coins discount that is already in effect. We decided not to introduce any gifts into the game, because x5 launchingis the biggest gift!
What will happen to Moonwell x100 after the launch of Moonwell x5?
Nothing. The server will continue to live as before.
What bonuses can I get for voting in the ratings?
How to register to Battleground quickly?
Use the .bg command. A special NPC will be summoned, so you can register to Battleground and return back to the last location immediately after the battle.

If you have any other questions, feel free to message us on Discord!