Moonwell x100
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Helpful hints

Everything is going according to plan! Moonwell x5 is prepared to launch. Waiting everyone today at 18:00 (GMT+1)!

We want to give you some tips before we open.


  • Be sure to start the game with your friends, because with the referral system you can get double experience, level up your friends and teleport them to yourself and a gain lot of other different bonuses. 
  • Don't buy gold and characters from third-party services. Really don't. Special algorithms carefully monitor every such violation.
  • Faced with a problem? Write us a ticket in Discord, and we will try to help you as quickly as possible. If the problem requires more detailed attention - report it to the bugtracker. Keep in mind, the ticket system in the game is disabled.
  • If you want to find a group to pump or find a guild, check out our Discord channels #searchgroups and #guilds.
  • After starting, it may need urgent restarts. Of course, we are thoroughly prepared and will try to prevent this, but we must warn. If the game says "restart in" it means that the server will be restarted and will be available in a few seconds. In all other cases, we warn for how long to turn off the server. Always stay tuned to our Discord.

Useful commands you'll definitely need

  • The .xp hardcore command will set experience rates to x1. Use up to level 10 to get various bonuses when you reach level 70. You can also freeze experience with the .xp freeze command.
  • Use the .info command to check your referral status.
  • If you get bored - register to BG right in the middle of your progression anywhere in the world with the .bg command. After the battle you'll go back to the point you teleported from. All BGs are available from level 10 (Alterac will become available later).
  • On January 8, the ranking arena on the server will open. Use .hide to activate hidden mode and protect from sniping.
  • Advertise your guild to the entire server with .guild ann.
  • You can read about the other available commands here.

Donate shop

  • You can open a donate shop in game by using .shop command.
  • Gold is sold at a high price. Its price will be gradually adjusted based on the economic situation on the server.
  • If you don't want to spend time doing quests unnecessary for class spells (warrior's stance, hunter's pet taming, etc.)? Purchase your Talent Book from the Donate shop.
  • Activating a Premium account can give you a lot of useful features. The most useful is probably the robot, to which you can sell junk you don't need during the leveling. And, of course, a cool mount Drakondor!
  • You can buy The Magic Spyglass to open all the flight stations.
  • Marks to change name, race, appearance, gender are also immediately available for purchase.
  • You can make a donation in control panel.