Moonwell x100
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Massive update

A new massive update is in preparation, which will include significant changes for Moonwell x100. The realm needs serious modifications to move forward and evolve. Some of them might seem controversial to you, however, we are confident in their necessity. Nonetheless, we are publishing a list of all planned changes and we want you to express your opinion on possible improvements in the #suggestions section in our Discord channel.

New Legendary Weapon

Throughout the life of the Moonwell x100 realm, we face the need to maintain the constant motivation of players who, as analysis shows, lose interest in the majority after reaching certain points in the game, particularly after acquiring full sun gear, as this marks the end point of development in this version of the game.

Usually, this issue is resolved through periodic wipes or transitions to an updated version, similar to the practice of official servers. Instead, we aim to offer an alternative that will not only revive the interest and enthusiasm of players but also preserve the value of existing achievements. This alternative will be a series of new legendary weapons for all specs, which will be added gradually with the introduction of new heroic raids.

It should be noted that only weapons will be added, excluding any other pieces of equipment. Each new weapon will be approximately 10% better than the existing top epic quality weapon and will not have any special imbalanced bonuses (like the legendaries from TBC). Our goal is to create additional motivation for players without altering the style of play for a specific class.

Priority will be given to ensuring the balance of the new weapons. In the x100 realm, where balance is already influenced by various factors, such as an abundance of full sun characters, buff scrolls, and GH auras, balance has long lost its original appearance. The introduction of new weapons, slightly exceeding the original counterparts, will not cause radical changes, but the new legendaries will be unavailable in the arena (possibly they will become available in the future).

Discussing the issue of balance, it is necessary to pay attention to the original T4 and items from Sunwell, where each piece of equipment is available for each class and spec, contributing to maintaining balance in the game, providing equal opportunities for everyone, whereas the legendary items, of which there are only three in the Burning Crusade (2 swords and 1 bow), clearly demonstrate the imperfection of the original version and the superiority of individual classes.

It should be noted that this initiative has already been discussed in our community and has received mixed reviews. However, we are confident that the competent implementation of this idea will create a new incentive for the game. We aspire to ensure that our server continues to live, develop, and remain interesting for players. We understand that this innovation might become one of the most controversial, but we also believe that it has the potential to be one of the most effective in the entire history of the x100 realm.

Heroic Raids

Now, heroic raids will offer genuinely valuable and desirable rewards, both for enthusiasts of visual additions and for those hunting for legendaries. Before the update introduction, some of the current heroic raids will be temporarily closed for subsequent reopening. The 25-player raids will be adapted for 15 players. There is also a plan to expand the list of available heroic raids by including raids from the classic version of the game. Regardless of historical origin, all heroic raids will be equalized in terms of difficulty.

Moreover, for successfully completing heroic raids, each participant will be awarded a special legendary badge. By collecting a certain number of such badges, players will be able to exchange them for any legendary weapon, making the acquisition process more manageable and predictable, catering to the desires of each individual player. Optionally, badges can be exchanged for Moon Coins or a Transmogrifier.

In the end, the difference between heroic and normal raids will be that heroic raids will be significantly harder, legendary weapons with a good chance will drop from bosses, and all players in the raid will be able to receive legendary badges for successful completion.

Normal Raids

Currently, normal raids for 25 players are adapted for 10. We will also adapt them for 15 and change the modifiers to make raiding more interesting and add variability to raid builds.

Guild House

The process of capturing the guild house will now be based on collecting special stamps, which can be earned through various game activities such as participating in raids, BGs, arenas, etc. The stamps themselves will not represent any value, unlike Moon Coins, which were used before. This way, the player will not have to make a choice and invest the actual value of their character in the struggle for the Guild House, and the entire guild can concentrate efforts to achieve a common goal.


In Shattrath, a universal trainer will soon appear, capable of teaching and resetting talents for any class. In addition, we will place another new NPC in Shattrath - a pet master. With his help, hunters will be able to tame any available pets, as well as train them in new skills and reset talents. This will save time and focus on more important aspects of the game.


Now the teleporter in Shattrath will be able to transport you to any place, just as the Teleportation Book does. Travelling around the world will become more convenient and accessible.

New Mounts

In the upcoming update, new exclusive mounts will be introduced, which can be acquired through special game achievements. We are carefully selecting the models, striving to maintain their uniqueness and avoid duplicating already available mounts. Due to the increase in the number of NPCs in the central part of Shattrath, we decided to redistribute some of them outside the central area to visually declutter the place.


At the moment, we are actively contemplating ways to effectively use the BG rating, other than introducing exclusive mounts, and we would be happy to consider your ideas on this matter in Discord.

Please note that the rated BG is still in the testing stage. As we mentioned earlier, after the implementation of the ability to purchase goods for BG rating, the current rating will be reset. Despite the fact that some players have already achieved a high BG rating, it is necessary to take into account that some of them used bugs and vulnerabilities when they were not yet fixed.

2v2 Arena

Over time, the solo 3v3 arena has become more popular compared to 2v2, due to its simplicity and features. However, these two brackets have different conceptual approaches and both resonate with different groups of players. We recognize the importance of diversifying the gaming experience and appreciate the loyalty of fans of each of the brackets. Experience has shown that on the x100 realm, the simultaneous existence of two 2v2 and 3v3 arenas is not the best strategy, so we decided to organize the launch of the 2v2 arena strictly at certain moments, replacing the 3v3 arena with it. As with the successful BG rotation system, we anticipate positive changes here as well.

Referral System

We already have a system where you can earn referral coins for inviting a friend and spend them on various bonuses (the NPC is located in the middle of Shattrath). But after the update, inviting friends will become even more profitable! The list of available rewards will be expanded.

The above innovations will be added in parts and may be changed at the discretion of the administration.