Moonwell x100
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Pre-New Year Giveaway

We invite all players to participate in the pre-New Year giveaway on the Moonwell x100 server, where we will be giving away [Emblem of Triumph] — the currency needed to purchase new legendary weapons. Emblems can also be exchanged for keys, chests, scrolls, and other special items. The event starts on December 27th at 21:00!

Prize List

1) [Emblem of Triumph] x1000
2) [Emblem of Triumph] x500
3) [Emblem of Triumph] x300
4) [Emblem of Triumph] x250
5) [Emblem of Triumph] x200
6) [Emblem of Triumph] x180
7) [Emblem of Triumph] x150
8) [Emblem of Triumph] x120
9) [Emblem of Triumph] x100
10) [Emblem of Triumph] x50
11) [Emblem of Triumph] x50
12) [Emblem of Triumph] x50
13) [Emblem of Triumph] x50
14) [Emblem of Triumph] x50
15) [Emblem of Triumph] x50
16+) [Emblem of Triumph] x10

How will the giveaway work?

To ensure a fair random selection, at the time of the giveaway, we will generate a list of all eligible participants and publish it in a public channel on Discord. Each participant will have their own serial number. Then, using the official bot, we will announce the prize and generate a number within the range from the first participant's number to the last one. Like /roll in the game, but in Discord. The one whose number matches will win the prize. And so 15 times. All other participants who did not make it to the top 15 will receive [Emblem of Triumph] x10.

How to participate?

Only characters with at least 10 [Emblem of Triumph] are eligible to participate. If you don't have them, participate in several Challenge Mode raids or complete PvP dailies. Don't forget — the emblems must be in your inventory at the start of the giveaway!

The giveaway is scheduled to start on December 27th at 21:00. At that moment, your character must be in the game, as the list of participants will be generated at that time. Make sure to log into the game a few minutes early. If you log into multiple windows simultaneously, only the character that logged in first will be added to the list of participants. Each participant can receive a prize only once.

Don't miss the opportunity to become the owner of a new legendary weapon!