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BG team balancer

Now, when registering Battleground, server analysis will be conducted to determine which team to add the player to. This choice will be based on three main criteria: the number of players on the team, whether the player is a healer, and their class. Each of these criteria has a weight assigned to it, determining their importance. So, the server, if possible, will first and foremost aim to maintain an equal number of players in the teams, then an equal number of healers, and then the number of classes.
If, before the update, 2 healers, then 2 rogues, and then 2 warriors registered on BG, the team distribution would be as follows:
  • Horde: 2 rogues, 1 rogue
  • Alliance: 1 rogue, 2 warriors
So, there was no logic in the distribution; players were added only if there was a place on the team. After the update, teams would be distributed as follows:
  • Horde: 1 healer, 1 rogue, 1 warrior
  • Alliance: 1 healer, 1 rogue, 1 warrior
Another example: Suppose that after the update, teams are formed as follows:
  • Horde: 4 rogues, 1 warrior (5 total)
  • Alliance: 3 rogues, 2 warriors, 1 shaman (6 total)
These players are already on BG, and at this moment, another rogue registers. There are fewer players in the Horde, but it cannot add the rogue because there is already an imbalance in rogues. The system will wait for another player in the registration queue. Let's say the second player is a mage. Now, in the registration, there is one rogue and one mage. The mage will be assigned to the Horde, and the rogue to the Alliance, resulting in the following teams:
  • Horde: 4 rogues, 1 warrior, 1 mage
  • Alliance: 4 rogues, 2 warriors, 1 shaman
However, these are just examples. In reality, there can be more parameters (premades, multiple players of the same class, leaving BG, filling last slots, a significant imbalance in the number of participants, etc.), and teams may not be formed entirely balanced. It's important to note that the system only attempts to balance the teams but does not guarantee it, as many may expect. The system's priority is always to get players into BG as quickly as possible after registration. To ensure guaranteed balance, as in solo 3v3, stricter restrictions would be required. In the current conditions of the x100 server, introducing such strict limitations would significantly increase the waiting time. The primary factor influencing BG balance is the number of players online.

The update has not only affected the BG registration system but also the arenas. The functions responsible for processing players in the queue and forming teams have been significantly optimized. The only noticeable difference for arena players is that for solo 3v3, the "healer" status now has a higher priority than "class." This means that in one team, for example, there can be two druids, one of whom is a healer and the other is a feral, or two shamans, one of whom is restoration and the other is elem. This change simplifies restrictions when forming teams and promotes faster match starts.

Another important change - the minimum number of players on a BG team is now 3.

In case of any issues, please immediately submit a ticket on Discord.