Moonwell x100
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Online record

Online on Moonwell x100 reached a new peak last night, setting a record high since 2022 — 431 players! 
Unfortunately, we were unable to capture the record online on the screenshot ;(
We would like to express our gratitude to all the players who are part of our community and support us. Achieving a new online record is a testament to our server's progress in the right direction. Since the beginning of December 2023, we have been implementing updates that have a significant impact on the server, including new legendary weapons and other significant changes. If you missed out on these updates, we recommend checking them out.
Our project is hosted in one of the best data centers -, on a server with a powerful configuration, a gigabit channel, and DDoS protection. However, some players from CIS countries occasionally experience sudden increases in ping and lag, while all other players never encounter any issues. As we have repeatedly mentioned before, such problems have a global nature and are related to the routes that your provider establishes to reach our server in France. Sometimes, accidents occur on these routes, leading to increased packet transfer delays, which, in turn, result in higher ping and lag. In such cases, using VPN services can help bypass these issues, as routes will be established through different paths. Following the current trend, route problems are becoming less frequent than they were about a month or two ago, so we believe that everything will be resolved soon. In the meantime, we recommend using a VPN as needed.
We constantly monitor the server's status, review logs, and engage in optimization. The current/average server delay never exceeds standart 50 milliseconds, even with an online player count of 431. This means that the server consistently processes information at the same speed, and the number of players online does not affect delays.
In addition, our server easily handled ~3000 players online on Moonwell x5 in January 2023 with a server delay of ~50-80ms. We will always be able to provide players with a stable gaming experience, regardless of their numbers.