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Battle Chests

In the latest update, we revamped raid chests - they are now called Battle Chests and come with a range of significant changes, including:

Interactive Configuration
Configuring Battle Chests is now available through an interactive gossip menu. Every time you use a key or right-click on a chest, a convenient menu appears where you can select your drop preferences.

PvP Gear Drops
Now, chests drop not only PvE gear but also PvP gear. [Epic Battle Chest] - A2, [Legendary Battle Chest] - A3, A4 (excluding A4 shoulders and weapons). Players can choose between dropping only PvE gear or only PvP gear.

New Legendary Weapons in Drops
All new legendary weapons have been added to the drop. Choose - accumulate emblems for a guaranteed purchase of weapons from the vendor Talmund in Shattrath, or test your luck by opening chests.

Choice of Legendary Weapons
In the drop menu, you can select a specific legendary weapon, and only it will roll for you when dropping from the chest. The cheaper the weapon, the higher the probability of its drop. For example, the left warglaive will drop more often than the right one.

Increased Chance of Legendary Weapon Drops
The chance of legendary weapon drops has increased approximately 3-4 times compared to before the update.

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