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Challenge Mode Update

An update focused on enhancing raid modes is approaching. Players will have the opportunity to challenge their skills in a true hardcore trial!

Here's a brief overview of the modes for those unfamiliar with them. Raids in the normal mode, which are for 25 players in blizzlike, have been adapted to 10 players on our server. These raids are easier to assemble, and the creatures within them have significantly less damage and health. To maintain the relevance of classic T4 and T5 raids, additional high-level random items drop in them. Upon resetting the cooldown of raids (every 3 days), 3 random raids are selected, in which the challenge mode is activated. The characteristics of all creatures are increased, and the maximum raid size is increased to 15 players.

Our goal is to make the challenge mode much more challenging than it currently is, by increasing creature modifiers and rewards for completion in all raids. We are launching a competition that will not only help us optimize the parameters but also boost the competitive spirit among players and guilds!

First Kill Competition
The "First Kill" competition will begin on the day of the update, Sunday, April 28th at 16:00. The task for players is to be the first to defeat the final boss in challenge mode. Players who achieve this faster than others will receive Emblem of Triumphs, which they can distribute among the entire raid or specific players at the discretion of the raid leader.

During the competition, only one raid in challenge mode will be available, instead of three as before. Every 3 days, the raid will change randomly. If the raid is completed, it will no longer be available in challenge mode until the end of the competition. However, if no one can complete the raid, we will reduce its modifiers. Upon the next opening, the raid will become easier, and players can attempt it again.

Once each raid is completed, we will return the raid rotation to normal mode, while retaining the increased modifiers. Stay tuned for the current status of raids in this news.

Raid Reward Status
Onyxia's Lair x200 Completed
Naxxramas x500 Not Completed
Karazhan x500 Completed
Magtheridon's Lair x200 Completed
Gruul's Lair x200 Not Completed
Serpentshrine Cavern x500 Completed
Tempest Keep x500 Not Completed
Zul'Aman x300 Not Completed
Hyjal x300 Completed
Black Temple x500 Not Completed
The Sunwell x500 Not Completed

The update will also affect raids in normal mode. Considering the changes in raid difficulty thresholds in challenge mode, it is expected that only a few will be able to complete them, so players will have an alternative way to obtain triumph emblems for PvE.

All changes will be announced at the time of the update release.

Gather your raids and refine your tactics - we're expecting everyone on April 28th at 16:00!