Moonwell x100
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Phase Two and summing up

We want to sum up Moonwell x5 after three months, announce the start date of the second phase, talk about our plans, and answer some important questions.

It has been just over a quarter of a year since Moonwell x5 opened. Overall, we are satisfied with the results so far. The online servers are holding up well, which is great news. Of course, the number of players has decreased compared to the first month after opening, but this is due to a lack of content. Players simply had nothing to do until the second phase was released.

Despite a successful launch, not everything went smoothly. Since the server opened, there have been some unpleasant bugs with geodata, escort quests, and other errors. There were unexpected crashes that could cause players to be kicked out of the server once or twice a day. There were also DDoS attacks and troublemakers who exploited various emulator vulnerabilities to disrupt the server's operation.

At the moment, we have fixed all known crashes, lags, and exploits. According to statistics for the last month, there were only three crashes, two of which we fixed. We can now say with confidence that stability has been almost perfected. All known critical bugs have also been fixed. To be fair, our bug tracker still has a significant number of bugs, but we are working on them as much as possible. Our core is constantly being modified, as evidenced by the huge number of updates over the past period. Fixing bugs is not a problem, the problem is receiving quality and timely bug reports. So, we kindly ask that if you encounter any bugs, please don't complain in the general chat, but immediately submit a ticket on Discord so that our testers can verify the error or write a bug report personally. If any of you are good programmers who know C++, we would be happy to have you join our team.

The server continues to evolve and improve. Funds are invested in advertising, but not as aggressively as at the start. In the near future, the Quick Start service will be introduced, which will allow players to obtain a ready-made level 70 character with starting equipment. Moonwell x100 is not forgotten. Despite a significant decrease in online activity, we do not intend to abandon it. Thanks to its concept, the x100 realm will always find its audience, as proven time and time again.

Personally, as an administrator and owner of the server who has been doing this job for over 12 years, I would like to say that your feedback is very important to me. I want to thank everyone who supports us and understands the significant contribution that our entire team makes for this project.

Phase #2 release 
The start of the second phase includes various changes to the game world, described on this page (there will be some changes to progressive, which you will be able to familiarize yourself with in the next update). One of the key features of the second phase is the opening of two new raids - Serpentshrine Cavern and The Eye: Tempest Keep. We will additionally make these raids harder in accordance with the realm concept. Modifier values may change over time to determine optimal conditions. Heroic versions of T5 raids will be released in April-May. T4 raids modifiers will be canceled.

All arena teams and member rating will be reset. From March 13 to 15, the arena will be closed for a thorough check of logs and determination of the winners of the season, who will receive special rewards. Unused arena points will be converted into honor points at a rate of 1:10 (5000 arena points = 50000 honor points).

The Phase #2 will launch on March 15 at 12:00 PM server time.